Journal Keeping in the 21st Century
Keeping a journal or diary is an ancient practice that dates back to the cuneiform script ledgers of the Sumerians, 5000 years ago. The 2nd century Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius kept an extensive journal known today as the Meditations. Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks are well known examples of journals that included his illustrations and ideas. In the modern era the most noteworthy journal and diary keepers were young holocaust victim Anne Frank and the renowned Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

A journal or diary is an effective way of meeting the ancient Greek dictate, “know thyself!” This injunction is most likely at the heart of why ancient and modern individuals were journal keepers. Apart from simply documenting daily thoughts, feelings and life experience journal writing can take an individual into the deepest areas of understanding! Understanding of how one experiences subjects such as Adversity, Acceptance, Curiosity, Emotion, Presence, Values, Trust and many others. My Wisdom Journal and accompanying writing activities are free. MWJ is built on a modern database and runs on Windows and Macintosh. Start keeping a journal today!