Journal Keeping in the 21st Century
How well do you handle Adversity in your life? Do you know how you normally deal with Acceptance? What about your sense of Curiosity, overall core Values and your capacity for Trust? These certainly aren’t questions most of us ask, or even think about. Perhaps our Emotions coupled with the busyness of everyday life keep us from taking seriously that ancient admonishment, “Know Thyself.”

Modern man has placed these ancient concepts under the category of social and emotional intelligence (SEL). Perhaps there has never been a greater need for resources that address this aspect of our “humanness” than now! SEL isn’t something that can be neatly prescribed like other learning topics; each journal keeper must make discoveries and realizations on their own. All WisdomSense resources, like My Wisdom Journal and writing activities are free to any organization. Download a copy right now and evaluation them for yourself!