Journal Writing Resources Available
My Wisdom Journal is designed to assist a person in exploring different dimensions of life experience for the purpose of understanding self, relationships and environment – through writing. MWJ for Windows and Macintosh does not run on the internet; privacy is assured. Any type of journal/diary entry can be made in MWJ.

Engaging WisdomSense writing activities has been made easy! Writing Activities include suggestions that can help the journal-keeper examine a topic privately within the context of their daily life. WisdomSense writing resources are non-prescriptive (no “do-this and do-that” stuff).

Get started keeping a journal right now!
Keeping a journal or diary is a great way to start a new writing experience that doesn’t require anything more than curiosity and heartfelt intent!
Step 1: Install My Wisdom Journal for Windows or Macintosh.
Step 2: Start journal entry, or engage a WisdomSense writing activity.
Step 3: Optionally create a Community User Account and participate in Forums with other writers.